I'm Shel. Adult aged, sorta. Long Beach, sorta.


Protip: Drink too much coffee in preparation for finals? The cure for a caffeine headache is some good ol whiskey.
Goodbye, chirpy buggies of the night. Hello sleepy sleeps.

I’ve got a math question for ya
If a boy asks you for your phone number at work and you give it to him, how long is it customary to wait before Facebook stalking him? Whoops got his info from the shop’s customer list, already found him on the facebooks. The Internet makes sleuthing way too easy to even be impressive anymore.

So many terrible drivers. SO MANY. And zero dogs. We went to this Red Bull freestyle thing, you know, fixie tricks. I’ve counted a total of six dogs. One of them belonged to a homeless man who I got to see shoot up heroin
Also there was a wiener dog and it was adorable.

The trip so far seems to be going well except for the lost iPod. What do you do at 5:15 am in SF. I’m at a diner drinking coffee til sunrise. Maybe hang out at a park. Seems legit.

I’m in San Francisco for the first time ever. I lost my iPod.

Just another day at the porn store.

Just another day at the porn store.

I just saw this commercial thing for Flex Seal and it has one of those spokesperson-y fellows telling everyone how great Flex Seal is. I like him. I like him because he has a slight lisp.
As someone with a lisp, I feel less self conscious about it now that he’s there, in a sea of people who can perfectly enunciate their s’s, sticking up for the apparent awesomeness of some product I didn’t know I needed. He’s the lispy man’s Billy Mays.

My family collectively gave me banjo for my birthday and I just sat here and figured out how to play the star spangled banner all on my own because that’s what you do with a banjo when it’s past your target bedtime and you have to be up for class by 6:30.
Hi I’m Shelby it’s 3 am and I haven’t been this satisfied in a really long time.
Wait. Golden Girls just started. Things are getting better and better.

I have a regular at work who looks like a young brunette Leo DiCaprio. Today I learned that he’s an electrician, which is terrible because I have a thing for people that are handy, and it’s against the rules for me to flirt with customers (and my boss is working at the shop with me now-___-).
Ugh cute boy. Why do you have to be so cute.